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Are Cougars New?

We are often asked if this "cougar" thing is new. (cougar is a wealthy older woman who is targeting very young men for sexual conquest). The research department here at the Walton and Johnson Show has determined that the "cougar thing" is not new but has existed for the last century at least. We found this old file photo of a cougar meeting that was held in the Spring of 1890. According to the minutes, topics discussed that day included ways to keep from "walking funny" the next day.


Umi - 2015-10-16
This is a great feature. Something I have been thinnikg about for my cougar blog. We do daily celeb cougars but going to start featuring some women that are on our site. Love it though guys, keep it up! http://hjivwmbqqj.com [url=http://ghuvhakoeo.com]ghuvhakoeo[/url] [link=http://zbvbprmgisb.com]zbvbprmgisb[/link]
by Umi

Gisselle - 2015-10-15
It’s interesting that our socitey refers to an older man with a younger woman as a “Sugar Daddy,” a term which invokes a kind of gentle, benevolent generosity. A “Cougar,” on the other hand makes me think of potential danger: A strong, solitary, hunter who ultimately kills and devours its prey after playing with it for a while. Just these terms show how differently socitey views these identical actions conducted by different sexes!
by Gisselle

Anghelo - 2015-10-15
. The Cougars, officially, play in Geneva, IL. But they are cllaed Kane County because it is an attempt to unify the tri-cities of Geneva, Batavia, and St. Charles and make this their team. So, technically, the Cougars play in suburban Geneva which is in Kane County.Nice review, BTW. You really have known about them that long? http://udxadnps.com [url=http://kmzdyjdg.com]kmzdyjdg[/url] [link=http://lptevw.com]lptevw[/link]
by Anghelo

Evelly - 2015-10-13
These animals are very rare in North East America, ulsnes you mean in the Canadian northeast. Either way, they are much more prevalent in the West. Vancuver British Columbia have the largest population of Cougars compared to anywhere else in the world. So, maybe you should rewrite that portion of your blog.
by Evelly

Lost America - 2015-04-30
We have already lost our counrty. Keep speaking the truth.
by J. Stoute

NObama - 2011-08-22
If Nobama had done his job in the past 3 years he would not have to be on the campain trail lieing to get votes, he would win in a land slide, but 2012 cant come quick enough to get this clown out the oval office.
by Charlie

unemplyment - 2011-07-27
Caldive just laid off 40 people in Lafayette 7-25-11
by John W

"the book" - 2011-06-22
what is the name of the book that you guys are always referring to?I love listening to you!
by might be a 10%

cougar experience - 2011-05-20
I was 23 (now 50)when I was hit on by Barbara in the shipping office, she was about 45 at the time. She left the lights on and enlightened me to the ways of the world.....Thanks you Barbara you magnificent Cougar....
by Covedawg

Sorry for the typo! - 2011-04-15
"speech!", I am not an idiot, just dysfunctional...
by rgranger

Obama's budget speach... - 2011-04-15
I think that I can sum it up: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.
by rgranger

Government Shut down - 2011-03-10
If the Gov shuts down are tax payers going to be required to continue to pay taxes that pay their salary during the shut down?
by Tim

Texting and Driving - 2011-03-10
earlier today a girl named Amanda stated men drive with emotions to -the reason the man was pissed off is because is because he was stuck in traffic because she was texting and driving for 5 miles
by Tim

can't say I'm not surprised. - 2011-02-01
So that guy in France taking the Requip seems to be carrying this bogus excuse as far as he possibly can. His wife probably caught him in the act.
by Josh

Preserve this Country Dont change IT! - 2010-11-11
You guys have really opened my eyes to whats going on in America. Keep up the good work!
by nullbyt3

cyber-bullying and suicide - 2010-11-08
It is a terrible thing for someone to commit suicide,but has anyone thouht about, how many people have comitted suicide because of the I.R.S. and relentless pursuit of tax money ?
by mike a

- 2010-10-25
Listen to you guys every morning on my way to work.. Love you guys and your show. Keep reporting the real news to your listeners.
by Charlene

Co-host - 2010-08-21
Hi, I was wondering if you have real pictures of the characters who play Mr. Eaux, Mr. Ed, and Mr. Kenneth?
by Trent D.

Gay Marriage - 2010-08-13
If they legalize gay marriage, why not bigamy? At least you could produce children. Gays cant unless.
by Rick

W & J-2012 - 2010-08-03
I appreciate your willingness to speak the truth on such controversial issues!! Please keep up the good work for those of us without our media blinders on...yall have got the biggest nuts in the country!
by scott

Democracy - 2010-07-22
"The Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not"- Thomas Jefferson-
by Doug Stanley

The Big Spill and obamas moritorium - 2010-07-15
The CEO of one of the biggest drilling contractors in the US has made a devastating statement that puts the current situation of the oil and gas industry right into perspective. Diamond Offshore Drilling President & CEO Lawrence R Dickerson recently cautioned of a slow motion domino fall of companies first moving rig-operations jobs, then management and even headquarter functions outside the US". Is this the end of oil and gas production in the USA as we know it?. I have known Larry Dickerson for many years, and he never says anything until he knows exactly what he is talking about. He is just echoing the fears of thousands of hard working Americans, who have worked in oil and gas for many years and now see their lifes work being given away.
by John Christie

the big spill - 2010-07-15
by John Christie

Love - 2010-07-02
Hey guys, dont allow all the idiots who dont see you guys for the amazing Radio gods you are get you down. Love you guys! Keep up with the truth, we are countin on you!
by Danielle

Why? - 2010-06-28
Can someone tell me why these grown men who have never worked a full day in there lives get a morning show spewing estrogen?Why also must you take away the only station whom a working man has to listen to on his way to work to dodge the ignorant redneck john boy and billy!Why must you bring this change to the NRV....im not from the area but from talking to the local rednecks,As well as my own opinion you are HATED.I would like to think in any other town you are refered to lex and terry wanna bees....You guys are miserable losers in the eyes of the honest WORKING MAN!!!!!!!
by Jason Klawitter

WHERE DID MY MUSIC GO - 2010-06-25

dear dumb ass - 2010-06-17
there are three different people
by Patton Durio

Lovin You - 2010-05-05
I am loving you both - thinking i"m a one of the 10%....
by Frannie

Best of the airways - 2010-04-28
Was hungup on a bunch from the carolinas till my local station changed to you guys, welcome to the real world of NW ark
by rickybob

I cant beat them, so I will join them - 2010-04-22
Mexico, and get our Mexican Citizenship. Then walk back across the boarder as illegal immigrants and get free health care, lone star cards, college grants, free childcare and pre-k, we will not need a social security card to buy cars, no need to get a driver license auto insurance, and best of all no taxes.
by Dr Todd

Hate - 2010-04-19
It comes from one mostly one side THE LEFT
by GG

Obama Assteroid - 2010-04-16
Has anyone told Obama NASA has already landed a spacecraft on an asteroid? http://astrobiology.arc.nasa.gov/news/expandnews.cfm?id=707
by Richard

Racist! - 2010-04-13
Hey, these guys only speak the truth. Wake Up America!
by Matt

haha - 2010-03-25
you guys are funny as hell! keep it up! barak obama is the new fuhrer! sieg heil!
by michael

- 2010-03-17
I love this show eventhough you guys are very racist!, very funy

Dumb ass - 2010-03-15
If you listened to the show you would know that he is 3 of them. Your a real fan. What a dumb question
by JJ

Show - 2010-03-01
Love the show, keep em up
by DR. Regier

- 2010-02-22
I think ya all are awsome. Who are the other two on the show?
by Sue

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