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August 24th, 2010
A guy on YouTube did a mash-up of pop songs on the VIOLIN. Read More
Because when you think bikers, babes and leather...you think Pee Wee Herman Read More
How do you know who to vote out where you and yours live? These simple grids breakdown the voting record of every Representative and Senator. Read More
Now this is how you spend your way out of a recession! Read More
August 23rd, 2010
Understand how opposition to a Mosque being built anywhere is not a sign of Islamophobia. It's knowing your enemy. Read More
Every year, the Oxford English Dictionary adds a ton of new words that have entered pop culture . . . which basically legitimizes them as part of the English language. And every year we mourn how DUMB our language is getting. Read More
According to the new 2010 Zagat Survey, Five Guys has been voted the best fast food burger in the country. Read More
There's a new infomercial for a product called the SNAZZY NAPPER. It's a travel blanket that straps to your head and blocks out the light for long car drives and plane trips. Read More
August 19th, 2010
Suprised it's such a low number... Read More
Scientists Finally Figure Out The Cause Of Beer Goggles Read More
Forbes.com based this list off of several stress factors, including unemployment, commute times, long work hours, health care options, physical health risk and exercise options. Read More
If Housing Market keep this up, it's gonna have to start digging. Read More
August 18th, 2010
President Obama's latest approval rating hit 44%, the lowest of his presidency. For some things he can do to turn that around. Read More
Flight attendent relieves quarreling couple of crying child. Read More
These kids were born in 1992...here's a list of 75 reasons of how much they don't know about you and how much you don't know about them. Read More
August 16th, 2010
He took Til Death to us Part to a new level. Read More
Just as he said he would, Imagine that... President Obama on Saturday issued endorsement of plans to build a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero. Read More
It's now safe to say that TEXT MESSAGING has taken over as the most popular form of communication in the country. Read More
If you were wondering who should be voted OUT in November, please refer to the list inside. Read More
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