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October 18th, 2010
The most notorious game that is never truly 'won'...here's why! Read More
The news outlet in Taiwan that does those computer-animated versions of news stories just released one for the BRETT FAVRE scandal...and it's actually really, really funny!! Read More
Remarkable Jam Session...on iPhones!! Read More
Man Tased for jogging with goggles on...because the goggles were the only thing he had on! Read More
If John Lennon and Cypress Hill Hooked up with Joan Jett. Read More
October 15th, 2010
An open letter from a Marine. Read More
Really, really, ridiculously retarded. Read More
The New Vikings Helmet! Read More
Women of The View go off the deep end! Read More
Check out this little matching app to find which candidate identifies with you most! Read More
October 14th, 2010
He will go down in history as the most golf playing POTUS. Read More
More and more UFO's sliding in and out of our airspaces... P.S. There's VIDEO(!!) Read More
Bigeotry reigns in Middle Asia. Read More
I hope this is the last post I ever do on the Chilean miners... Read More
Read her brave story of battling caner and divorce simultaniously. Read More
October 13th, 2010
For years a Texas County has been misprinting it's own state's flag on election ballot Read More
Decapitated by Drug Cartel, Head sent in suitcase to police. Read More
The results of the yearly Harris Poll Read More
At least 5 miners have multiple women claiming they're love! Read More
October 12th, 2010
Greek Health System Opts for Amputation as Money-Saver Read More
Yes, they really think we are this stupid. Have you forgotten the 1st Stimulus and 'Shovel-Ready Jobs'??? Read More
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