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November 16th, 2010
3 Year Old Accosted By Airport Security Read More
Because Don't Taze Me Bro was getting old. Read More
No!! It's a Flying Half-Ton Bull! Read More
And the scary reality that there is a common train of thought that dancing is related to sexual selection and is part of the mate selection process. Read More
November 15th, 2010
Check Out Some Movies That Might Be Too Un-PC To Be Made Today Read More
Don't Go Messin' Wit A Coon Azz Kitty! Read More
We Told You Not To, But In Case You Didn't Listen and Got Hitched Anyway... Read More
Salacious or Secure?? Read More
November 12th, 2010
Meeting of Obama panel probes stimulus waste -- at Ritz Carlton! Read More
a song by our favorite ding-bat blonde, Victoria Jackson. Read More
Man, I could really use a high-powered weapon to go with this. Read More
Survey out of Rice University shows that employer recommendations could lose the job for you... Read More
Study Says Money Is The Biggest Source Of Stress For Americans. Read More
November 11th, 2010
To you we owe our Freedom, and to you our Greatest Gratitude. Read More
Veteran's Day Deals for Veterans Read More
Listings of Ceremonies and Parades Commemorating Veteran's Day. Read More
Video and Text of Skelton's Pledge Defenitions Read More
November 10th, 2010
Bellamy Bros tunes are hot either way! This morning's catchy little number... Read More
A Catholic Priest In Massachusetts Has Been Charged With Spending $83,000 In Church Donations On Porno. Read More
235 years and still Kickin' Ass. Hoo-RAH. Read More
He had to audition like any other acting hack...and his audition tapes are HILARIOUS. Read More
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