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March 25th, 2011
Scientists create sperm and eggs from stem cells Read More
What's in a name? Apparently, A Lot! Read More
Find out what's on the exact opposite side of the world Read More
Obama Locked Out of White House, it's funny. Read More
Tracked and Taxed like a good little Pleeb. Read More
March 23rd, 2011
You think it has something to do with the teleprompters?? Read More
March 22nd, 2011
Connecting the Dots in the Drilling Scandal Read More
We went to War with Libya and Congress wasn't the wiser! Read More
Judge orders use of Islamic law in Tampa lawsuit over mosque leadership. Read More
And how they would start drilling U.S. oil while we sit in Moratorium?? Read More
March 21st, 2011
Do they exsist? What are they really for?? Read More
But could you pass the test?? Read More
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