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April 19th, 2011
New Ad Educates of what a "Natural-Born Citizen" is?? Read More
Snooty Stephanopoulos scoffs at his plan that would save America. Read More
You thought your taxes were unfair...check these ancient ways to squeeze: Read More
Did you say '14!' ROUNDS??? Read More
April 15th, 2011
Oh No he di'INT!! Explosive complaint outs the Preacherpimp, suspect behavior? Read More
Leave Words of Wisdom in his Wake. Read More
Just in time for the weekend, here are four more things that can boost a woman's libido. Read More
What dod we need to do to get this guy in office? Read More
April 14th, 2011
The Wall Street Journal is about as Left as you can get...and they printed this! Read More
Allows politicians to overspend while taxpayers keep paying. Read More
At least one Representative reads something! Read More
April 13th, 2011
Really, this is getting out of hand... Read More
Special Circles of Hell are reserved for these people. Read More
From the Book of Revelations: Read More
And They Spent It On Everything From Pickup Trucks To Doobie Brothers Concerts Read More
Thia really happened, this is the video. Read More
and Who is Allowed to Have It. Read More
Disguises itself as the Bible's Final Chapter Read More
April 12th, 2011
Is it enforcing nutrition or forcing parents to pay?? Read More
They convene on bow and arrow hunting and IRS sucking! Read More
it's an underwear runway show, so, worth the watch. Read More
New cars produced under Uncle Sam SUCK! Read More
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