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October 29th, 2010
Man Tries to Get Girlfriend to Confess to Cheating

By all accounts, the average person CANNOT handle being waterboarded.  If someone waterboards you for three or four seconds, it's so scary, painful, and psychologically damaging that you'll confess to ANYTHING.

In other words:  It's probably not the best way to get an honest confession out of someone.

But 22-year-old Trevor Scott Case of Lincoln, Nebraska was arrested earlier this week for allegedly WATERBOARDING his girlfriend . . . to get her to admit that she was cheating on him.
Apparently, when his 22-year-old girlfriend came home from work on Saturday morning, Trevor accused her of being with another man.  And then he took things to another level.  An ILLEGAL level.
He tied up her wrists with a belt . . . stuffed a sock in her mouth . . . put a shirt over her face . . . tied her to the couch . . . and waterboarded her by pouring water on the shirt to make it seem like she was drowning.
She freaked out and somehow managed to get herself free.  And apparently, stood up to the TORTURE and never confessed to anything.

The police arrested Trevor for false imprisonment and third-degree domestic assault. 




what a dumb ass - 2010-10-30
When she got herself up,she should have beat the shit out of this guy,then tied him up the same way and poured hot sause in his mouth,nose.
by brenda k

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