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February 16th, 2010
When Your Work Doesn't Speak Loud Enough



Here's a list from "Psychology Today" magazine of four ways to promote yourself at work if you're shy.



#1.)  SAY HI.  Just staying visible and making good eye contact goes a long way.  If you like hiding in your cubicle all day, make sure you say hello to people when you pass them in the hallway.  That way, at least they'll know you're alive.




#2.)  WRITE.  People who don't like having face-to-face conversations tend to rely on writing more often.  And they tend to be good at it too.  So don't fight it.



--Make sure you write smart emails, and think about starting a blog or opening a Twitter account.  Instead of bragging out loud, you can post a message on Facebook, or send a Tweet.  Use your boss's email address to find his Twitter or Facebook account and link up. 




#3.)  ORGANIZE AN EVENT.  It can be anything.  And it doesn't have to be big.  It can be suggesting a new place for lunch, or putting together the March Madness pool.  Whatever it is, you'll be the one who does the planning.  So they'll start to think of you as a "go-to" person.




#4.)  TRY PUBLIC SPEAKING.  If you're shy, you're probably saying "NO WAY."  But public speaking is actually a really great tool for shy people because you get to prepare. 



--And then when you do it, it's like pulling off a band-aid really quickly.  You talk to everybody at once, and then you don't have to talk to each one of them face-to-face.  



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