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October 22nd, 2010
Taser Report...Part 2!

Police TASER Man in Iron Bar Attack

A man who attacked Wiltshire Police in England with an iron bar was soon taken down with the help from a TASER device after police employed the tool on him.

The incident took place on Sidmouth Street, in Devizes, after the suspect is believed to have smashed an empty shop window. During the iron bar attack the 27-year-old man hit one officer in the face, and as a result he suffered concussion and facial injuries. A second officer suffered an arm injury.

Before the attack could proceed any further an officer employed a TASER device which soon saw the offender subdued and quickly arrested.

In situations where an officerís safety is at risk the use of a non-lethal self defense device is highly relied upon. Since these tools were first designed and used by law enforcement agencies, injuries to officers and their suspects have greatly decreased that often occurred through the employment of firearms or other lethal police weapons.

Not only that, but with the assistance of a TASER weapon officers are now able to bring their suspects into custody without having to worry about injuries. For many who have family and friends working as officers this allows them to have peace of mind as the job of an officer is never an easy or safe one to undertake.

Quick and effective to deploy a stunning device has rapidly gained popularity for many members of the public, especially home owners who want to have a form of protection when it comes to defending their homes and individuals who often find themselves walking home late at night or by themselves in dangerous areas.

As a result of this, itís not just law enforcement agencies who employ TASER devices to increase their protection against hostile suspects who wield iron bars in a bid to inflict harm on those around them.

While there are many critics of the self defense tool it canít be denied that the use of them has greatly improved the safety of peoplesí lives who employ them since they were first designed. Easy to carry, reliable and extremely effective to utilize, anyone who is confronted with one of these tools will know straight away that it is not a device that should be messed with.

Furthermore, anyone who is stunned with a TASER weapon will quickly be apprehended by officers, or will provide the necessary escape that a person requires in order to call for help from police.




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