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October 19th, 2010
Sparks Fly Between Gueasts (and Police) at Houma Wedding



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Lillah - 2012-01-16
This piece was cogent, well-wirtten, and pithy.
by Lillah

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eeshqivk - 2012-01-14
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by eeshqivk

Zaylin - 2012-01-14
Unbelievable how well-wirtetn and informative this was.
by Zaylin

Idiots.. - 2011-10-27
if u fight against the police. You can only loose. God bless amercas cops.
by Joe

idiots on the loose - 2011-04-28
by BIG A

Bikercop - 2011-04-25
Can;t be done in this day and age but when I was LEO there woulda been some real hurt put on those A--holes and Then a some jail time and I bet they would think twice before doin it again, but not today they hafta be handled withg kid gloves.
by FT Hoffman

Louisiana is a great state - 2011-04-04
you all need to look in your own back yards before you start cutting down our beautiful state. Of course you will always see the bad but have you ever looked at our state and seen the real people here. We are pretty much nice decent people. I bet you all have people just like the ones in this video so think twice before you judge the state.

Cajun Wedding - 2011-03-09
I think the guy who calls himself "Fuck Police" should take his greasy ass back to Mexico of wherever his mom birthed him after fucking that sailor.
by Big Daddy

CRAZY - 2011-01-23
by JK

18-01-2011 - 2011-01-17
Lástima que no le dispararon con munición real, verás como se hubiera acabado el follón de momento
by Iarin

Sir - 2011-01-15
Fat, retarded bastards. Cops rule... rednecks drool !
by Ronaldo

Taser - 2011-01-10
Jordi, mira, ¿tu que haces aquí?
by Pascualo

Muy bien - 2011-01-10
Ojalá a la policia de España se nos permitiera llevar taser. Es una buena herramienta.
by Jordi

Boozed Courage was all - 2011-01-09
ALFIE – not true. You’d be surprised at the hooligans in England. It’s there pastime to drink and pick fights. That why they close bars at 4:00 pm. This here crew should’ve been accidental on purpose had their heads bashed in for being disrespectful to the cops who were very professional. EMS had no choice but to call them.
by Zuly

wedding caus made by police - 2011-01-08
All we know the best police does is shooting, not making questions!!! Social skills are not their first commandment.
by Raul

Folks funnin' - 2011-01-08
I was in Hartford Conn during the riots and this would have been classified as not worthy of response. Whupass masters degree
by Blogengeezer

nice, de puta madre - 2011-01-06
leña, leña y mas leña a todo el que no respete a un policia. menos tonteria y mas mano dura .
by igor

Shoot em all - 2011-01-05
let god sort em out
by glen

fuck police - 2011-01-05
hijos de puta
by beatles

hijos de puta - 2011-01-05
hijos de puta

White trash wedding - 2011-01-05
That happened mixing alcohol, drugs and obviously beeing without any education. Also a comment to Fran (top of list) Posiblemente tu, Fran, eres como la basura de la boda, sin educacion y un criminal, por no llamarte algo mas fuerte
by JM

hijos de puta - 2011-01-03
komo se pasan los putos maderos de mierda
by Fran

Houma Wedding - 2010-12-28
I could never get the show to open
by Jack Bender

hahaha - 2010-12-27
White white white trash!

que se jodan - 2010-12-24
panda de chalados borrachos, que se jodan. Ya podiamos tener la policia española esa equipacion....en fin sin palabras
by cleo

slade - 2010-12-24
if you all can say "white trash" can i say nigger?
by slade

- 2010-12-23
by patrick mcnamara

cajun wedding - 2010-12-22
i wonder if this makes me a cajun?? my cousins ex husband is one of the cops.. lol

- 2010-12-22
I hope everyone knows-these are NOT cajuns! "Low pants-no chance!"

cajun wedding - 2010-12-21
them folks musta been drinkin a bit
by rich

damn that hurt!! - 2010-12-17
This is what happens when you let your 12 gauge Mouth over load you drunk ass. They got exactly what they were looking for, A CAN OF ASS WHIPPING OPENED UP ON THEM. No Pity. If they are looking for sympathy look in the dictionary between " SHIT AND SYPHILIS "

luv dat taser - 2010-12-15
Did you see that butthole go down stiff as argo starch. The cop should have tasered them all
by leo

CAJUN WEEDING - 2010-12-14
the cops should have beat them with there night sticks and knocked them out from the getgo, the problem is evryone knows that the cops now a days can do this or they will be all over the tv and internet. what happened to a good ass whoop in
by oid school

pussy cops - 2010-12-10
if i was one of the cops i would have ended that shit a long time ago. called in back up and dogs. anyone who resists gets tazed and the others can answer to a dog or a 9mm
by the law

white trash - 2010-12-10
he realized how fat his wife was and started drinking and then got mad at the cops lmao white trash loser
by the truth

Cajun wedding - 2010-12-10
Quick question....If they get divorced,are they still brother and sister?
by Maceman

cops - 2010-12-10
did anybody notice how fat all of those police are 250+ maybe they are over paid and spend to much time in the krispy kream shop
by carl

Coonass - 2010-12-10
Maybe if all you goodie-2-shoes commenter’s had your ancestors dumped in the swamp and told to survive best you can, you might not be so quick to judge and use terms like White Trash. Had they been Negro’s, cops would have offered them crack and cookies for fear of not being “sensitive enough” to their Creole needs! Dats Da Facts!!!!
by Swamper Troy

- 2010-12-08
Pure trash!!! They got what was coming & MORE!!!
by Lil

TPB - 2010-12-07
This lot makes the Trailer Park Boys look like upstanding citizens, LMAO!
by Yee Haw

Cajun White Trash Weddin - 2010-12-06
I thought the police were way to timid. Just more justification for a cleansing in this country. Ignorant white trash pieces of crap.
by Educated & not inbred

Any where USA - 2010-12-05
Folks like this are all over the country, no respect for themselves , or anyone else!
by Dan

Cajun Wedding - 2010-12-03
laughing my head off in Canada.
by jessman

- 2010-12-02

So much fat! - 2010-12-01
Everyone is so fat... even the cops, what are these people eating?
by Marty

Rednecks - 2010-12-01

WOW - 2010-11-30
I bet if they were Black the outcome would have been a lot more violent from the cops!
by Diamond

Circus - 2010-11-30
Some days you go the circus other days the circus comes to YOU
by Mikey

Guest - 2010-11-29
Most of the comments look like they came from Guests of the happy couple La has some real class folks
by Joe

Deserved response - 2010-11-27
This wedding party got exactly what they deserved. They went on the attack and the cops responded appropriately. I hope that they got charged and fined/jailed!
by PJ

jeremy - 2010-11-27
the police were called by the medics.the wedding party got what they deserved. they picked a fight with the police and lost

Guest - 2010-11-25
Hey Walton & Johnson--How do you spell Guest?
by Polecat

Redneck wedding - 2010-11-24
I can see that these rednecks are fun , and you can see that they are all dressed in there finest
by jack

- 2010-11-23
useless fuckin retarded cops acting like a bunch of retarded faggits once again haha really dosnt surprise me i hope you all die of the doughnut heart atack your headed for i mean seriously did you see them fat fucks

Hey, Alfie - 2010-11-21
The next time some third rate dictator starts to kick your countys butt again, we will bail you out again. No reason to thank us, we do not expect you to.
by Texas Jack

poor police - 2010-11-21
when those people are being robbed then they have no problem calling them. If you cannot act like adults and then there going to treat you like a baby
by bcc

To Bruce - 2010-11-19
Up yours, Bruce. You are an idiot!!!!
by wtram46

- 2010-11-19
Soooooo stupid.....Red Necks.
by yodaman5

CAJUN WEDDING - 2010-11-18

Cajunfolk - 2010-11-17
Not all cajuns are like this....just most of them..
by cindinator

- 2010-11-15
I guess ragin cajuns are better than a reenactment of the movie... Deliverance.
by Chris

Americans - 2010-11-15
Once upon a time there was a powerful country. Now, a joke the rest of the world laugh at.
by Alfie

What? - 2010-11-14
Next time, just open fire on the whole crew.
by C

Cajon,s party and brawl - 2010-11-14
When the Cajons party, they party and when they brawl, they brawl..
by Guest

White trash stereotypes in action - 2010-11-12
That groom decided to bone a Bubba in the joint would be a better option than a Sow with his own joint, and his brother will again be in attendance to join in this consumation!
by Stephen

amazing - 2010-11-11
The officers should be respectec at all times...but who call them?
by Joe

excape - 2010-11-10
Maybe the groom, having just married an Ouinker who has to sneak up on sleep, had a moment of luscid thought and decided his wedding night would be better spent in a Louisiana jail?
by SN

Tthe good old days - 2010-11-10
Yes, I miss the good old days when I use to fight crime for a living!!!!
by Sgt. Paul Mal, Retired

Police - 2010-11-09
I thought the police acted very professionally

congrats to the bride and groom - 2010-11-09
one word: classy

fashion faux paux - 2010-11-06
it was doomed because the bride was wearing white. Maybe a Salmon or Teal was more in order here.
by mumbles

- 2010-11-01
your moms box
by JOhn Lopy

- 2010-11-01
White trash. No wonder LA is a mess and was long before Katrina.
by Bruce

Cajun Wedding - 2010-10-19
Wonderful...Nice...way to go...
by Connie

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