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October 18th, 2010
Today's Taser Report
On Wednesday morning a a West Melbourne, FL police officer caught site of a naked jogger plodding through a residential neighborhood, and chased him in his patrol car. The 18-year-old jogger, Anthony Zak King, who was wearing swim goggles, sneakers and (we imagine) a wry grin, believed he had super powers, according to The Mirror. Powers was repeatedly ordered to freeze by the officer on the scene, but he refused, and continued jogging. The officer responded–when he caught up–by subduing Powers with his stun gun. The whole episode was captured by a camera mounted inside the police car, as well as another on the taser that was used to bring Powers down. The police report for the incident says that Powers was booked on charges of exposure of sexual organs and resisting arrest without violence, according to AP reports.



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