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October 13th, 2010
Some Miners Might Wish They Never Came Up the Tube...

According to local authorities at Camp Hope, they have had to diffuse numerous altercations between the Chilean miner's wives and mistresses.

At least five of the trapped miners have had multiple women show up trying to claim benefits as the significant other of the men.

It has come to light that one of the miner's has  a wife he never divorced, a current live in girlfriend, and 2 other women who have a child by him and claim to be his significant other. What a mess! Along with the challenges of rescuing these men while trying to provide adequate emotional and financial support to their families, they could never have anticipated such scandalous scenarios such as these. Two women had to be physically restrained after realizing they were both their claiming to be beneficiaries of one of the trapped miner's and almost getting into a physical altercation.

The miner's have been trapped since a cave in that occurred on August 5th which after such a long period of time has created financial hardships on their families...The government stepped in to provide welfare to the families which is where all this commotion began.

Women began showing up claiming to be a wife, girlfriend, lover, and/or mother of the mens children. Surprising even the government officials as it became more and more apparent that multiple men had hidden secrets and lives.

(The Examiner) 



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