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February 12th, 2010

Glen Beck"s Thursday ambush of Debra Medina (a Libertarian candidate for Texas governor) is puzzling on many levels.  But, it makes sense when you think about it.  Medina had pulled even in the polls with Kay Bailey who is trailing the incumbent Perry.   The GOP (including Perry and KBH) has close ties with Roger Ailes (Glen's boss at Fox News).   Why would a guy on a nationally syndicated radio show want to chat up Medina and probe her about 911 ?   Why would this candidate be prepared to address that issue in an interview ?   Would it be better to have the pesky Medina out of the race ?   Could Glen be helpful in that regard ?   Think about it.



Naomi - 2015-10-15
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by Naomi

Angel - 2015-10-13
How about we mount a campaign to get that jerk off the airavwes? WTF is "Headline News" doing putting the likes of Nancy Grace and Glenn Beck in primetime anwyay? Headline News? In what galaxy? Both of them are the worst sort of personalities. Geez, you actually try to get some "Headline News" and you get assaulted by fearmongers and hatemongers. What a country!
by Angel

Saira - 2015-10-13
okay this might sound weird and of course you donb4t know me anyawy, im quite a curious person.. so my question is.. what are they mixing in a glass right at the exchanging vows moment? smth colorful that looks like sand. i mean, whats the tradition here? we dont have anything like it. and yes, im sorry to bother u with silly questions
by Saira

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