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October 11th, 2010
New Invention

A New Invention Gives Men The Experience Of Breastfeeding Babies

I'm not sure any man has ever seen a woman breastfeeding and said, "Damn, I wish *I* could do that."  So here's an invention that no one ever asked for . . . but still manages to be absolutely FASCINATING.

A woman in Canada has invented a device called Nurse Me Tender . . . it's a chest harness that holds a bottle, which will allow men to have the sensation of holding a baby up to their chest and having it nurse.
It's also targeted at women who want to bottle feed their babies but still want to use the nursing position.

Christa Anderson of Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada invented Nurse Me Tender.  She says she came up with it because she MISSED breastfeeding her son after she weaned him on to bottles.

She also wanted her husband to be able to step in and carry on her feeding routine while she was out.
Christa has a prototype finished and is planning to have Nurse Me Tender on the market by next spring.   



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