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October 7th, 2010
This Morning's Taser Report


Courtesy of KATC

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office says they have never received any complaints about Deputy Chris Guidry. But, one mother says she tried to complain about him three months ago, but couldn't get a hold of his supervisor.

Toni Colby says her son, 23 year old Clayton Poole, got 8 stitches and a mild concussion after an incident involving Guidry on July 24th.

"The house was like a murder scene," said Colby. She says there was blood on the floor of her son's kitchen and a trail of it leading onto the front porch. Colby says she believes Guidry used excessive force on her son by slamming his head onto the kitchen floor.

In the police report, 23 year old Clayton Poole was said to be intoxicated and was aggressive with Guidry, even taking swings at the deputy. The report indicates that Deputy Guidry and another official had to use the "arm bar take down" technique in order to subdue and arrest Poole. It's something Lt. Craig Stansbury says is unfortunately part of the job.

"As long as that individual complies, usually a physical encounter does not occur," said Stansbury, with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department. "Even by pulling away or trying to get away, and the deputy is trying to affect an arrest. He's obligated in the law to continue to try to control that individual."

Colby says she knows her son was drunk and was initially resisting the deputy, but she says the result should not have ended with him having a concussion and stitches. She says she speaking out about the incident now, after hearing of Guidry's involvement in Monday night's deadly taser incident.

"This could have been my son. You know, I could be burying my own son today," said Colby. As for Guidry, Colby says she just thinks he needs further training. "Officer Chris Guidry is at home getting paid, while a mother is burying her son... I don't wish any bad things on him. I am hoping he gets help. I feel that he needs help."

Poole was charged with simple battery of Deputy Guidry and resisting an officer.

Meantime, Lt. Stansbury says he encourages anyone who has a legitimate complaint about a deputy to contact his office. "We encourage them to call our internal affairs division, that's what it's there for. We'll definitely look into it."



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