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October 5th, 2010
Rahm Tries to Rub Elbows with the Public

Rahm Emanuel, who was the second most powerful person in Washington just a few days ago, tried to make Chicago residents believe he was mingling with the communters on a Chicago Subway platform to kick off his mayoral campaign... however, an Emanuel spokeswoman, Lori Goldberg, confirms that the video itself was actually filmed in Washington, D.C., in the offices of AKPD media, the firm founded by David Axelrod. 

CLICK HERE to see the awkward video.



Jack@$$ - 2010-10-05
The funny part of this whole thing is that no one knows who the clown trying to shake their hand is. Rahm just needs to go away with all the other cronies in Washington....go away young czar (waves hand as a jedi master does)
by Rusty

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