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October 4th, 2010
What a Majority Looks Like

Yeah, seems the majority prefers Tea to Kool-aide...the top photo is of the non-partisan* Restoring Honor rally on August 28, the bottom photo is of the Democrat party supported OneNation rally this past weekend.

The evidence speaks for itself; if a picture speaks a thousand words, the majority opinion is well represented through this comparison.

*It sould be noted that the supporters of the Restoring Honor rally are truly non-partisan, because they are not a political party.  The are a public mass of diverse interests that share a common opinion.  The dynamic make-up of the Restoring Honor rally contained support from all named parties (Democrat, Republican, Independent) while the OneNation rally consisted mainly of single-party representation.  





- 2010-10-05
Makes me wonder how Barack ever got elected
by Grizz

American Male - 2010-10-04
Let me guess...the Media did not show this when they covered the two separate stories!! Thank GAWD someone gave us this to see!!
by Bill Binnings

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