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September 29th, 2010
Are You Normal?


"USA Today" is trying to figure out what makes someone NORMAL, and they've come up with a six-question quiz to figure out what is and isn't the borderline for normal versus abnormal.  Here are the questions . . . see where you land.

#1.)  How often do you pick your nose?  The most common answers are "every day" or "sometimes, maybe weekly."  The least-normal behavior is NEVER picking it.

#2.)  Did you lie about your weight on your driver's license?  Only about three out of 10 people lie, so it's more normal to tell the truth.

#3.)  For women:  How much time does your husband or boyfriend spend per week watching football?  None is actually the most common answer.  Three hours or six hours are also normal.  More than 12 hours is not normal.

#4.)  Have you ever searched for your ex online?  About three out of five people have run a search.

#5.)  For married people:  Are you still in love with your ex?  Two-thirds of people are NOT, making that the most normal.  A surprising one out of five people say they are, so it's not THAT abnormal.

#6.)  Are you normal if your spouse has never seen you naked?  Only about one out of 14 people think it's normal if you've never been nude in front of the person you're married to. 




naked spouse - 2010-09-29
I took the test and I am pretty normal. What I want to know is who is married to someone who has NEVER seen them naked? I mean it seems like you would see the other person naked occasionally even if by accident.
by joy the home health nurse

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