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September 27th, 2010
Latex Will Not Protect You From Tasering

A Man Covers Himself In Paint Because He Thinks It Will Keep The Cops From Tasering Him . . . It Does Not

I don't know that we've reached the point where there are Old Wives Tales about Tasering . . . but 34-year-old Brian Mattert of Cheyenne, Wyoming definitely believed one.

Brian was convinced that if a Taser interacted with some liquid on a person's body, it would electrocute the person and kill him.

So, earlier this month, when the cops went to his house to investigate a domestic violence call, Brian decided he was going to take anti-Tasering measures.

He took a gallon of white latex paint . . . poured it all over his body . . . and told the cops that if they tried to Taser him, quote, "You see all this water-based paint?  You shoot me with that and you'll kill me."

The police tried to get him to go to the station peacefully.  He refused and tried to run away.  So they called his bluff . . . and shot him with the Taser.

Turned out Brian was WRONG, and the paint didn't make the Taser lethal.

He did get paint all over a few cops, though . . . their uniforms were ruined.

Brian was arrested and charged with domestic violence, assault and battery, interference with a peace officer, and aggravated assault on a peace officer. 



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