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September 24th, 2010
Cop Takes Cruiser to Bikini Car Wash

A Cop Was Fired For Taking His Cruiser To A Bikini Car Wash . . . Where One Of The Girls Was A Sheriff's Deputy

It's hard to think of a single hetero man in the world who wouldn't want to take his car to a bikini car wash.  I've seen DOZENS of movies about bikini car washes on Cinemax.  Documentaries, of course.  And they look AWESOME.

There's a police officer in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, whose name hasn't been released, and he couldn't resist the naughty, naughty temptation of a bikini car wash either.  And over the weekend, it cost him his job.

The officer drove past the Rockstar Tattoo Studio, which was holding a bikini car wash staffed by friends of the tattoo parlor, and employees from a local strip club called Diamonds North.  (--The event was called "[rhymes with wits] and Tats." 

And he decided to let the ladies wash his patrol car, a white Dodge Caliber.  Unfortunately for the officer, someone took photos.  Those photos made it on to Facebook . . . and found their way to the Moncks Corner chief of police.

On Wednesday, the chief announced that the officer was no longer with the department. 

And here's where it gets better:  It turns out one of the special ladies doing the car-washing was a deputy in the local sheriff's department, and a tattoo parlor regular.

She hasn't been named either . . . but it turns out she's NOT being disciplined, since she participated on her own free time, for charity, and wasn't on duty.  And actually, the cop wasn't on duty either.  But having his cruiser washed violated department policy. 

Check out the skankiness that was worth more than his dignity and job, stay classy South Carolina!




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