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September 23rd, 2010
A Woman In Oregon Robs A Bank . . .


It's amazing that someone could be such a responsible and irresponsible parent at the same time like this . . .

On Monday, 37-year-old Erica Anderson of Grants Pass, Oregon, picked up her daughters from elementary school right on time.  That's the responsible part.

The irresponsible part is that she picked them up in her GETAWAY CAR . . . on the way home from ROBBING A BANK.

That's right:  Earlier that afternoon, Erica walked into the Umpqua Bank in Grants Pass and handed the teller a note, demanding cash.  The teller gave her some money.

A 19-year-old named Joshua Tseu was Erica's getaway driver.  There's no word on how they're connected.  And as he drove her away from the scene, she had him swing by the school.

Witnesses gave the police information about Erica's description and the car, and they tracked her down by the time she and her girls arrived home.

Erica was arrested and charged with second-degree robbery and first-degree theft.  The girls were placed with child services. 

(The Oregonian) 



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