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September 20th, 2010
A Diet for Those Who Hate Diet Foods

A Nutrition Professor Has Lost 13 Pounds And Lowered His Cholesterol Eating Twinkies, Sugar Cereal, And Snack Cakes

I've got to say, this sounds like just about the greatest diet of all time.  Mark Haub is a nutrition professor at Kansas State University, and he wanted to prove that losing weight can make you healthier . . . no matter HOW you lose it.

 So he's lost 13 pounds in less than a month . . . he's dropped his bad cholesterol, and he's increased his good cholesterol by sticking to this plan:

Breakfast:  A Little Debbie snack cake or a Twinkie, plus sugary cereal with milk.

Lunch:  The same thing.

Afternoon snack:  More Twinkies or cakes, plus a hot dog or Doritos.
Dinner:  Low-calorie vegetables and milk.

Late night snack:  More Twinkies or cakes.

But . . . even though most of that is just sugar and chemicals, all added up, Haub is eating fewer calories each day than he'd need to maintain his starting weight.  (--He didn't say what his starting weight was.)

So, very gradually, he's dropped pounds AND become healthier.  He says the key to his diet is restraint:  Most people have trouble when they start eating junk food . . . it's hard to stop and keep portions under control.

He says, quote, "I don't recommend this [diet] or promote it, it's [just] an examination into whether there is more than one way to achieve the path to weight loss."   



A Diet for Those Who Hate Diet Foods - 2010-09-20
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by R. Watson

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