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September 20th, 2010
Michigan State Beat Notre Dame On A Last-Second Trick Play

When Their Coach Had A Heart Attack!

On Saturday, the Michigan State football team had the most exciting win of the weekend when they beat Notre Dame in overtime 34-to-31.  And they did it with a fake field goal on a do-or-die fourth down.

Apparently, calling a play like that . . . if the fake works, they win, if it fails, they lose . . . was too much for Michigan State's coach to handle.  Shortly after the game, the coach, 54-year-old MARK DANTONIO, suffered a HEART ATTACK.

He was rushed to a hospital in Lansing, Michigan, where doctors found a vessel to his heart was closed, and used a stent to re-open it.

He's still in the hospital, and there's no word on when he might return to the team . . . so their offensive coordinator is taking over as interim head coach while he recovers.

Chris D'Haem is the lead doctor who treated Dantonio and he says that, yes, calling the fake field goal with the game on the line really COULD have been the final push that gave Dantonio a heart attack.

He said, quote, "Certainly stress doesn't cause coronary heart disease, but as we all know, very emotionally or physically stressful events can be the trigger."  (CNN) 



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