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September 20th, 2010
THIS is exactly why I never tell a woman she smells. At least not to her face.

Because women do NOT have a sense of humor about it.

Earlier this month, 18-year-old Dallas Amber Smith of Everett, Washington, was at a party at her ex-boyfriend's house.  She was messing around and told everyone at the party that she's good at back flips.

A 19-year-old guy, whose name hasn't been released, challenged her to do one off the deck.  So Dallas took off her shoes to try . . . and that's when the guy told her that her feet smelled.

Dallas started messing with him, playing around, wrestling with him and rubbing her socks in his face.  At some point, though, that playing turned into legit anger.

Dallas walked away to get her coat and leave.  But before she headed out, she went to the kitchen . . . grabbed a steak knife . . . and STABBED the guy in his back.
The guy suffered a collapsed lung, but he's expected to recover.  Dallas was charged with second-degree assault with a deadly weapon.

(Everett HearldNet) 



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