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September 20th, 2010
Scientists Have Figured Out The World's Most Successful Pick-Up Line

A team of scientists at University College in London say they've figured out THE single most successful pick-up line ever.  And somehow, it's not "There are 206 bones in the human body . . . how'd you like to make it 207?"

No, it's WAY more harmless than that.  Dr. Petra Boynton says that her team found that the most effective pick-up line is . . . "Hello."  (Those are the moments a disappointed wah-wah-wah trumpet sound effect is made for.)

She says, quote, "There is no science to back up what [dating books] are saying [about pick-up lines]."

Boynton is especially focused on the books that say INSULTING a woman is the best way to make her interested.
She says, quote, "The idea of doing that is you unsettle the woman you are talking to, you reinforce yourself as this alpha-male type who is confident and powerful.

"The downside with that is most women who are confident and assertive will be offended or certainly think it is odd." 



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