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September 17th, 2010
Men Want To Marry Women With Pretty Faces


I love this study out of the University of Texas because it makes PERFECT sense.  Researchers there found that when men are considering a long-term relationship or marriage, they want a woman with a pretty FACE.

But when men are just trying to date and hump, they target women with killer bodies . . . and butterfaces are welcome.
Again, this all makes sense.  If you're married, you KNOW you're going to be staring at that face all day, every day . . . so you'd better like what you see.  But if you're just trying to fornicate, once the lights go off, all that matters is that body.

The researchers say there's a biological angle on top of that.  A woman's face provides clues to her genetics . . . and if you're considering having kids with her, you want to blend your genitalia AND genetics with the best possible candidate.
But the phenomenon doesn't transfer over to women.  They ALWAYS tend to favor an attractive face over an attractive body, whether they're looking to get married to a guy or just mess around. 




I dont agree.... - 2010-09-17
If im looking to just get laid then i dont care what their face looks like...Thats what doggy style is for...But I want the guy that has a nice 6-pack and buns of steal!
by none of your damn business

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