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September 16th, 2010
High Rolling for a Higher Power

 . . . Or 70 Miles-Per-Hour With Flat Tires

When I picture the Popemobile, I picture a glorified golf cart.  Or, like, an El Camino with a weird glass phone booth strapped on the back. 

Apparently, that vision is COMPLETELY outdated. 

Here are the specs on the current Popemobile . . .a custom Mercedes-Benz SUV with a glass enclosure replacing the backseats and trunk.

Its top speed is 160 miles-per-hour . . . but it can also do 70 miles-per-hour if all the tires are FLAT.
The glass protecting the pope is three inches thick and isn't just bulletproof . . . it can also withstand EXPLOSIVES.
The Pope's enclosure has air filters and an oxygen supply, in case of a chemical weapon or biological weapon attack.
There's a half-inch thick bomb-proof steel plate under the car.
The Pope's seat can be raised or lowered with switches he has at his fingertips.
Each one costs more than $312,400 to produce, but Mercedes gives them to the Vatican for free. 



(Daily Mail)



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