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September 15th, 2010
Well, God Bless Ya Texas!

"Men's Health" just released a list of 100 American cities ranked by how RANDY the people are . . . and Texas has SEVEN of the top 15.

The cities are ranked on factors like condom sales, birth rates, love toy sales, and STD rates.  Basically, all the signs that people in a city are getting-it-on nonstop.

Austin, Texas, was ranked by "Men's Health" as America's number one, quote, "hotbed of sex."  Dallas is number two.

Other Texas cities in the top 15 are Arlington at 7th, Houston at 10th, Lubbock at 11th, Fort Worth at 12th, and San Antonio at 15th.

Portland, Maine, came in dead last . . . of the 100 largest cities in the U.S., it's got the least randy people you can find.  Burlington, Vermont, came in second-to-last.

1.) Austin, TX

2.) Dallas, TX

3.) Columbus, OH

4.) Durham, NC

5.) Denver, CO

6.) Indianapolis, IN

7.) Arlington, TX

8.) Oklahoma City, OK

9.) Bakersfield, CA

10.) Houston, TX

11.) Lubbock, TX

12.) Fort Worth, TX

13.) Charlotte, NC

14.) Fresno, CA

15.) San Antonio, TX

16.) Richmond, VA

17.) Anchorage, AK

18.) Nashville, TN

19.) Memphis, TN

20.) Kansas City, MO

(Click Here for the other 80)



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