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September 14th, 2010
Chick in a Men's Locker Room...

Okay, you're a reporter, you've got a job to do...and it's in a men's pro-football locker room.  An enclosed, pulsating box of testosterone.  One might consider that fact before she pours herself into jeans so tight you can see the whole camel.  Just sayin...   

Inez Sainz reports for Azteca TV...she  alleges she was harassed and catcalled during Jets practice Saturday...this is what she was wearing:


It doesn't end there folks...quick Google action reveals...

Ines on the job Exhibit A:

Ines on the job Exhibit B:

I rest my case.

This broad wants her 15mins a la Erin Andrews. 

Don't give it to her.  Because if this famewhore ends up on Dancing with the G-D Stars, we deserve all that's coming to us. 

Bring on the Brando and Ow! My Balls!...Idiocracy lives.





Captin - 2010-09-14
Yep, I see the problem. mmmmm
by Hawk

- 2010-09-14
No VPL either. As Ralph Kramden would say- HOMINA HOMINA!
by Guy

- 2010-09-14

TheBaron - 2010-09-14
by Steve Bougon

jets reporter - 2010-09-14
kat called?!! wow..I GUESS i can go to a ladies avon party wearing jogging pance with a raging hard on & be pissed wen they stair n make comments, ps. slap dat ass
by nate chic

- 2010-09-14
by Jeff

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