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September 13th, 2010
Bad Eggs Makes Man Crack

Stanley Neace wasn't too happy with the way his wife cooked his eggs had been for breakfast Saturday morning, so he hauled off and took a shotgun to his wife, stepdaughter and three neighbors.

Police officer Jody Sims said Neace, 47, killed his victims in two mobile homes before shooting himself at his home on Saturday.

Neace took a 12-gauge on a shooting spree around the trailer park, and neighbor Mrs Robinson said that when his wife fled to a neighbour’s trailer, Neace followed and shot her and the four others.

‘He just got mad at his wife for not making his breakfast right and he shot her,’ Mrs Robinson said.

The other victims were identified as Mrs Neace’s 28-year-old daughter Sandra R. Strong and neighbours Dennis Turner, 31, Teresa Fugate, 30, and Tammy Kilborn, 40.

Mrs Robinson says Neace had never appeared threatening to her, but that he was known to have a violent history. 



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