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September 9th, 2010
Fidel Castro Admits Communism Doesn't Work

Old age is having a positive effect on Cuban leader Fidel Castro he recently made public his opinion that Cuba's communist economic model doesn't work.

It's not news to us, but it is kind of music to your ears, isn't it?

Even Fidel's brother Raul, the guy actually running the country, has said the same thing repeatedly.

Castro no longer has faith in the political ideology he wasted a Revolution on establishing: "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore", he doesn't even believe  Cuba's economic system is worth exporting to other countries

The state controls well over 90 percent of the economy, paying workers salaries of about $20 a month in return for free health care and education, and nearly free transportation and housing. At least a portion of every citizen's food needs are sold to them through ration books at heavily subsidized prices.

President Raul Castro and others have instituted a series of limited economic reforms, and have warned Cubans that they need to start working harder and expecting less from the government. But the president has also made it clear he has no desire to depart from Cuba's socialist system or embrace capitalism.




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