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September 8th, 2010
Facebook Friends Could Really Be Debt Collectors

Creditors Are Now Posing As Attractive People On Facebook To Track Down Their Payments


Here's yet ANOTHER reason why you should be VERY careful what you post on Facebook.  Because one minute, you'll think a random hot chick is flirting with you . . . then the next minute, you'll look outside and see your car getting repo'ed.

Apparently, creditors and collection agencies have started using Facebook as a way to track down their payments.


If they think you owe them money . . . but they're having a hard time tracking you down or getting you to take their calls . . . first, they'll pretend to be an attractive member of the opposite sex on Facebook.  Then they'll send you a friend request. 

Once you accept, they have access to ALL of the info you put in your profile.  Things like:  Your address, phone number, where you work, where your status updates say you are . . . and photos of you with the purchases you haven't paid for.



If it sounds dirty, it is.  Usually creditors aren't allowed to misrepresent themselves to hunt you down.

But the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act hasn't been amended since 2006 . . . and since then, social media has exploded.  Since there isn't anything specific banning them from using Facebook like this, they're exploiting the loophole.



(CBS 8 - Las Vegas) 



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