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August 30th, 2010
It's Not A Man's Fault If He Checks Out A Woman

Like an excuse is really needed, but for those of you who need to feel justified.

This is VERY big news for men . . . and you should probably have this defense ready to go for the rest of your life.  When you're with your girlfriend or wife, a woman walks by, and you look her up and down like a raging pervert . . . IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT.

According to a book called "The Male Brain" by a neuropsychiatrist named Louann Brizendine, men CAN'T HELP IT when they check out women.  The area of a man's brain that controls sexual pursuit is 250% larger than a woman's . . . and it's FAST, too.

When a woman walks by, within a fifth of a second you're checking her out and sizing up whether she's hot or not . . . and that's faster than your conscious mind can tell you "Don't check her out or you're going to get yelled at for an hour."   




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