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August 27th, 2010
So That's What Obama Meant By Change



Ever wonder what Congress does on the days when it's not working on something major like health care or unemployment?  Turns out . . . they're mainly renaming post offices.



--In the last 18 months, PRESIDENT OBAMA has signed 237 pieces of legislation that were passed by Congress.  27% were to rename post offices and other government buildings.



--That's the most of ANY category . . . more than bills focused on the economy, small business, foreign affairs, defense, health care, unemployment . . . ANYTHING.



--If you add in commemorations and other bills that set up symbolic declarations, the number jumps up to 33% . . . that's one-third of all the bills passed by Congress.



--This isn't just an Obama thing, by the way . . . 29% of all the bills signed by PRESIDENT BUSH were also ones that symbolically renamed buildings. 



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