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August 26th, 2010
Blacks Talk On Cell Phones Twice As Much As Whites . . .


#1.)  Black people talk on the phone twice as much as white people.  The average black person uses 1,331 minutes per month.  The average white person uses 647.

#2.)  White people talk less than other races, too.  The average Hispanic person talks for 826 minutes a month, and the average Asian talks for 692 minutes per month.

#3.)  Black people text the most of any race.  Blacks send 780 texts per month . . . for Hispanics it's 767 a month . . . for whites it's 566 a month . . . and Asians come in last, at 384 texts a month.

#4.)  Women talk on their phones more than men.  In this shocking development, women talk 22% more than men:  856 minutes per month, compared to 667 minutes per month for men.

#5.)  Women also text more than men.  Women send 34% more texts each month than men.

#6.)  Teenagers send more texts than any other age group.  The average teenager sends 2,779 texts per month . . . or an average of eight texts for every HOUR they're awake.  Senior citizens send the fewest, at 30 per month. 



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