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August 26th, 2010
Getting Married Completely Destroys Your Sex Life


A new survey out of England finds that getting married SLASHES the amount of sexual relations you have by a ridiculous 75%.

In the survey, the average unmarried couple reported having sex four times a week.  Within three years of getting married, that number drops to once a week.

And for married couples, 80% say that when they do have sex, it's at the same time, in the same place and with the same positions pretty much every time.

59% of people also say that marriage has COMPLETELY RUINED the excitement of having sex.

Just under half of people said their relationship with their husband or wife is more like FRIENDS than LOVERS.

One-third of people say they're not as attracted to their husband and wife as they used to be . . . and 43% say their spouses have, quote, "let themselves go."

And one final note, in case this wasn't enough of a downer already.  14% of people surveyed said they've had an affair . . . and two-thirds of those people say the sex was MIND-BLOWING compared to what they're having back at home. 

(Daily Mail) 



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