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August 23rd, 2010
Biker Gang Rivalry Turns Deadly on a Dime

Yavapai County Sheriff's officials on Sunday tried to piece together the circumstances involving a shootout between two rival motorcycle gangs in the middle of a rural Arizona road a day earlier.

A group of Hells Angels members were having a party at a house on Yuma Road when a group of Vagos bikers rode by.

That's when the Angels started shooting, witnesses said.

They said a couple of the Vagos bikers dropped their motorcycles and started firing back, while the rest of the group rode uphill before returning fire.

"There were people running up and down the street. Gunfire went on for at least 15-20 minutes," Humen remembered.

"I saw the guy get shot in his belly behind the propane tank, like two feet away from it," Humen said.

Officials arrested 27 bikers, and located at least 50 shell casings.

"You know a lot about the Hells Angels, you hear a lot but unless you hear something specifically about them, you don't really think they're going to do anything,"

The trouble started between the two gangs when the Vagos gang bought a house just up the block from the Angels house.

A turf war was brewing, neighbors said, and it was just a matter of time before something like the shooting happened.

They said they worry once the officials pack up and leave town they'll be left to watch and wait.

"I'm kind of nervous now because I know there's always going to be, now that I know another one moved in, there's gonna be some tense relationships going on between them," said Humen.

Neighbors of the gang houses said they realized this could just be the beginning.

"Yesterday I got caught in gunfire by two biker gangs," Jon Humen said.

It's something he never expected to see play out in the rural setting.

"I moved here from Phoenix to get away from this," he said. 



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