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August 23rd, 2010
Annual Oxford Dictionary Additions

And this year . . . is no exception.  Oxford has added about 2,000 new words and phrases, some of which have been making us cringe for years, and some of which are so old and lame, no one even says them anymore.

Here are some of their high-profile additions . . .

VUVUZELA.  "Long horn blown by fans at soccer matches."

BROMANCE.  "A close but non-sexual relationship between two men."

CHILLAX.  "Calm down and relax."

SOCIAL MEDIA.  "Websites and applications used for social networking."

BUZZKILL.  "A person or thing that has a depressing or dispiriting effect."

STAYCATION.  "A holiday spent in one's home country."

CHILL PILL.  "A notional pill taken to make someone calm down."  (???)

CHEESEBALL.  "Lacking taste, style or originality."

WARDROBE MALFUNCTION.  "An instance of a person accidentally exposing an intimate part of their body as a result of an article of clothing slipping out of position."

HATER.  "Negative person."

DEFRIEND.  "Another term for unfriend (remove someone from a list of friends or contacts on a social networking site)."

LBD.  "Little black dress."

INTERWEB.  "The Internet."

FRENEMY.  "A person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry."

TURDUCKEN.  "A roast dish consisting of a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey."

Believe it or not, they actually DO reject some words.  This year, two of the words they say they rejected were TANOREXIA and CANKLES. 



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