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August 18th, 2010
Knocking at Your Front Door, Sharia Law Wants a Place at out Religious Freedom Buffet!

A man and woman were publicly stoned to death by the Taliban in Afghanistan because of an alleged love affair.

Sunday’s executions in Kunduz province marks the first their kind by the Taliban in the area following a call last week by Afghan clerics for a return to sharia and capital punishments carried out under the Islamic law.

The Taliban arrested the two, who were each engaged to be married to other people, at the request of their families after they tried to elope, said district police chief Hameed Agha.

“The two were stoned to death in a bazaar of Dasht-e Archi district on the accusation of committing the act of adultery,” said Mohammad Omar, the governor of Kunduz.

Sharia prescribes punishments such as stonings, lashings, amputations and execution. A gathering of clerics, meeting last week to discuss reconciliation with the Taliban, expressed support for such punishments, known as “hodud”.

Some Afghans still refer to Taliban courts for settling disputes, viewing government bodies as corrupt or unreliable. 

Oh, the joy of peace and love.  When the United States legal system starts issuing Get out of Jail free cards based on Islam, you can be sure these situations are not without impossibility.  As it is now, men being tried for assault on their wives are receiving dismissals based on their citing religious protection.

Is this where we let our future falls to?



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