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August 12th, 2010
Most Obvious News of the Year

Really?  A fame-whore?!  You don't say, I'm so shocked...like, wow, who woulda thunk it?

Several passengers aboard the plane from which Steven Slater so dramatically disembarked say the JetBlue flight attendant seemed agitated and was being rude himself long before the alleged confrontation that led to his exit though Slater's ex-wife says she finds that all but impossible to believe.

One passenger on the flight from Pittsburgh to New York said Thursday on NBC's Today show that Slater, 38, was rude to her at the very beginning of the trip, when she asked for a wipe to clean her seat.

"He said, 'Not right now, honey. Maybe when we get in the air. I have to take care of myself first,' " said Lauren Dominijanni. "He actually made me feel pretty uncomfortable. I just let it go after that point."

Another passenger told the Wall Street Journal that Slater was the one who was rude blurting out an expletive after the plane landed and a woman inquired about her luggage.

"I didn't think [the passenger] was rude in the least," said Marjorie Briskin. "It really blew my mind. It was so inappropriate."  




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