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August 12th, 2010
Alcohol Won't Help You Get a Job

This should be common sense . . . but if you're out looking for jobs, it would DEFINITELY be in your best interest to log onto Facebook and get rid of ALL the photos of you pounding Appletinis or double-fisting Amaretto sours.

According to a study from the Universities of Michigan and Pittsburgh, bosses and hiring managers find people who drink alcohol to be less intelligent and less hirable.

For one of their tests, they showed bosses two videos of job interviews in a restaurant.  In one video, the person being interviewed ordered a Coke.  In the other, he ordered a glass of Merlot.

No matter what was said in the interviews, the person who ordered the wine was always perceived as being a WORSE job candidate.

He was perceived even HARSHER if he ordered a Merlot after the guy who was interviewing him ordered a Coke.

The researchers who ran the study say this shows an instinctive bias and, quote, "merely HOLDING an alcoholic beverage may reduce the perceived intelligence of the person."




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