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August 11th, 2010
iPhone Owners May Not Get the Best Reception

The online dating site OKCupid.com just ran a huge analysis of all of their members' profiles.  And for one of their tests, they found all of their users who have smartphones . . . and analyzed their number of SEXUAL PARTNERS.

What they found:  iPhone users have the MOST SEXUAL RELATIONS of any smartphone owners.  By a pretty big margin.

The average 30-year-old male iPhone owner has had an even 10 sexual partners.  The average 30-year-old female iPhone owner has had MORE . . . 12.3 partners.

BlackBerry owners have the second-most sex.  The average 30-year-old male BlackBerry owner has had 8.1 sexual partners . . . for women, it's 8.8.

Android owners have had the fewest.  For the average 30-year-old male Android owner, it's SIX sexual partners.  For women, it's 6.1.

In all three cases, the women averaged more sexual partners than the men.
They used age 30 as a benchmark but, from age 18 all the way through age 40 the difference stays the same . . . iPhone users have the most sex, then BlackBerry users, then Android users.

The most interesting comparison may be age 18.  iPhone users have had an average of almost four sexual partners by that point . . . BlackBerry users average less than ONE . . . and Android users average less than 0.5.   



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