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August 6th, 2010
A Man Is Busted For Breaking Into The Same House For A Second Time

Criminalz iz Stoopid!

Today's big winner is 39-year-old Gerald Maxwell of Sarasota, Florida, who loves breaking into houses, lying to the police . . . and, most importantly, hittin' the old crack pipe.

Last year, Gerald broke into a house on a street called Chippewa Place in Sarasota.  He was caught . . . marking his fifth burglary arrest in two years.  So he ended up doing a year in jail.

Now he's out on probation.  And on Tuesday night, the police busted Gerald again . . . for breaking into the EXACT SAME HOUSE on Chippewa Place.

When they arrested him, Gerald tried to explain it was all a misunderstanding.  He wasn't robbing the place . . . he was, quote, "going back in there to leave a thank you note."

BUT . . . inside the house, the police found a broken window, several dresser drawers open, and jewelry collected near a CRACK PIPE.  That made them think perhaps Gerald WASN'T just in the house to leave a note like he said.

He was arrested . . . taking his total up to six burglaries in three years . . . with one of those years spent in jail.  He's being held without bond. 



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