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August 6th, 2010
She Had a Good Rack, so He Thought he Might let Her Beat the DUI Rap

It takes a real A-HOLE of a cop to turn a drunk driver into a genuinely sympathetic victim.  And that's exactly what 33-year-old Jeffery Westerman of the Provo, Utah, police department managed to do.

On July 23rd, Westerman arrived on the scene of an accident . . . a 29-year-old woman was driving drunk, and hit another car.  When Westerman got there, he sent the other driver away and performed some field sobriety tests on the woman.

She failed them, and that's when Westerman decided to give her a choice:  He'd either arrest her for a DUI . . . or he'd let her go, if she'd lift up her shirt and show him her breasts.

She took option B.  And when she lifted up her shirt, Westerman got closer, fondled her and, according to reports, quote, "made crude sexual comments."

Once she put her shirt down, Westerman told her to lift it right back up . . . after all, letting someone out of a DUI was a big deal.  She did, he fondled her again, and then he got in his car and drove away.
The woman decided that she couldn't let him get away with that . . . so she went to the police HERSELF to file a complaint.

Westerman was dumb enough to do the fondling while the CAMERA was on in his squad car . . . so when his bosses reviewed the footage, they saw the entire flashing and groping process.

He was fired from the force and has been arrested.  He's looking at two felony charges:  Forcible sexual abuse and obstruction of justice.  The woman has not been charged with a DUI or for any other offense.   



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