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August 2nd, 2010
Y.M.C.A is Quite Serious About It's "No Outside Food" a Little too Seriously

This might be the strictest interpretation of a "NO OUTSIDE FOOD" policy ever. 

Last week, 36-year-old Elizabeth Gomez of Medford, Massachusetts, was at a YMCA in Woburn, Massachusetts . . . and whipped out a breast to give her baby a quick feeding.

A female employee came up and told her to STOP . . . because she was feeding her baby OUTSIDE FOOD . . . and they have a rule that you can't bring any food or drinks into their child care area.
A YMCA spokeswoman now says that was a MISTAKE . . . quote, "the employee misinterpreted this as a public health issue.  It is not.  We support a woman's right to breastfeed in our facilities."

And it's a good thing they do . . . since that's actually STATE LAW.  In Massachusetts, and most other states, laws protect mothers who breastfeed their babies in public places.

Elizabeth COULD go after the YMCA in court . . . and they could get a fine of up to $500 . . . but she says she's not going to bother. 




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