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July 30th, 2010
Mr. President,

This might be nitpicking but there is a lot of tradition, honor and respect for this office (and what it represents) long before this President was elected.

The problem with public housing is that the residents are not the owners. The people that live in the house did not earn the house, but were loaned the property from the true owners, the taxpayers. Because of this, the residents do not have the "pride of ownership" that comes with the hard work necessary. In fact, the opposite happens and the residents resent their benefactors because the very house is a constant reminder that they themselves did not earn the right to live in the house. They do not appreciate the value of the property and see no need to maintain or respect it in any way.

The result is the same whether you are talking about a studio apartment or a magnificent mansion full of priceless antiques. If the people who live there do not feel they earned the privilege, they will make this known through their actions. The picture below illustrates the point.

The Resolute Desk was built from the timbers of the HMS Resolute and was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes. It is considered a national treasure and icon of the presidency.

Mr. Obama, with all due respect, get your @#$% feet off our desk! 



WHAT THE %&#K - 2010-08-06
What in the hell can these men be thinking.Can it be the samething I am...This country need an enima!!

HHHHMMMM - 2010-08-02
Typical, is all I can say!!!!!!
by Taum

Can we get a eject seat!! - 2010-08-01
Hasent someone found his real birth papers yet? We need it to get him out of that chair.
by Gradyith

repeal... - 2010-07-30
on the other hand...im not old enough and its a headache i dont need...you can keep it Mr. president!
by coonskin bob

Thats what i call getting comphy at work! - 2010-07-30
thats what i do at home...on my own furniture. my dogs...you dont want to know! all be it, i would never do that to other peoples property...but i respect the man...he has a tuff job...that i could do better...hehe
by coonskin bob

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