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July 30th, 2010
Ultimate Facebook FAIL

Websites like Facebook make it REALLY hard to lead a double life these days.  Seriously, if they don't tighten the privacy reins back up, people are going to have to stop cheating on their wives altogether.

There's a woman in Cleveland, who was only identified by the alias "Megan", and she recently found out her husband had gotten married to another woman . . . after she found their wedding photos on Facebook.
Megan's husband was supposedly travelling a lot for work. 

But it turns out, he started a relationship with another woman down in the Tampa area, and they decided to get married.
They even had a wedding at Disney World in Orlando where she dressed as Sleeping Beauty and he dressed as Prince Charming. 

He did a good job covering his tracks, but his new bride didn't. 

When Facebook changed its privacy policy to allow everyone to see everything you post, she didn't set hers back to private.  So all of the photos were just out there to see!

Megan obviously plans to get divorced from her husband.  He claims she won't have to . . . he says that when they got married, they filled out the paperwork incorrectly, so they haven't actually been legally married this entire time.
They have two young children together.  The guy and his new wife don't have any children, but she has two kids from a previous relationship.  



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