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July 28th, 2010
America's Laziest State has been Announced...

Louisiana Has Been Named America's Laziest State

It's QUITE an accomplishment to be named America's Laziest State, because that is some TOUGH competition.  Seriously.  It's like trying to win the award for greasiest food at the Texas State Fair . . . or trashiest VH1 reality show.  So congratulations, Louisiana . . . you won a hell of a battle.

According to new rankings by BusinessWeek.com, Louisiana is the laziest state in the country.  The rankings are based on stats measuring how people spend their leisure time, how much time people sleep, how much TV people watch, and more.

In Louisiana, people sleep an average of eight hours and 44 minutes per day, watch three hours and five minutes of TV, socialize for 54 minutes, and relax for 29.  When you take out eight hours for work, that only leaves two hours and 41 minutes when people might be active or personally productive. 

In North Dakota, which is the least lazy state, people are active or productive five hours every day.

BusinessWeek didn't release the rankings for all 50 states, just the 20 laziest and the two that are LEAST lazy:  North Dakota and Hawaii.

After Louisiana, the rest of the top 10 laziest states are: 

Mississippi, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama and Delaware.

And rounding out the top 20 laziest states:  New York, Missouri, Arizona, Michigan, Indiana, Maine, Florida, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, New Hampshire.


Top Signs You Live in a Lazy State.




--The state mascot is Paris Hilton's left eye.


--Road construction signs read "Men at Work . . . When They're Darn Good & Ready."


--It begins with a "Louisi" and ends with an "ississippi."


--They can only raise money through a "futon tax."


--You never see a state flag because they're all being used as hammocks.


--Unemployment is high, but state employees are higher.


--The state motto is "Ah, Screw it!"


--Even though it's obviously going to rock, no one's making plans to leave their couches to see "Charlie St. Cloud".


--Britney Spears wants to marry it.


--The DMV's hours are 3-3:45 . . . Wednesdays . . . every fourth month . . . in years that end in "8."


--No one ever protests anything because they won't even exercise free speech.


--According to a Republican, it's filled with middle-class Americans on unemployment.


--It hasn't officially joined the Union because there's too much paperwork.


--Um, hello?  YOU live in it.




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