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July 20th, 2010
The Stories to Distract You From What's Really Going On

Mel Gibson's mouth is getting him into some seriously dangerous territory...his Russian baby's mama wants money and when he didn't pay-out, she gave it up.  Six tapes of angry ranting arguments that could be the lethal weapon that puts his career away for good.

Click Here for the ranting audio.


Lindsay Lohan surrendered at 10:37am PST in Judge Marsha Revel's courtroom, Beverly Hills

Today begins a 90 day(ish) jail sentence.

Judge Revel made it clear -- no house arrest, and no early release.  Lindsay won't serve the full 90 days...the Sheriff's Department will use the 90 days to compute the actual time Lindsay will have to serve, and because of overcrowding, she will only serve 25% ... 23 days. (TMZ)



...and, from the 'Why Can't These Idiots Just Go Away' file;  Rachel Uchitel, only known for sleeping with Tiger Woods and other married men is going into Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab on Vh1.

In an email exchange, Uchitel begs Tiger to get more of the good stuff and then gets all paranoid about popping the sexy-pills.

“Would it be possible for you to get us some more Ambien,” Woods wrote to Uchitel in a November, 2009 email.

Uchitel responded, “Ok, but we need to talk about this. I don’t know how to deal with us possibly being addicted to prescription meds.

“What can I say to make you stop taking  Ambien excessively? What can I do to prove that I’m worried?”

Apparently, getting all dopey on Ambien makes doing it better...

Click Here if you really want to read more.





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