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July 6th, 2010
Government's Cover-up of Spill is as deep as Oil is Thick

Quite an alarming coincidence to this "gag order" is that an unknown number of these workers—likely hundreds, perhaps thousands—have become sick from exposure to oil and toxic dispersants and may well face a lifetime of chronic ailments.

This latest move to censor coverage of the Gulf crisis is now status quo with the Obama administration’s policy to block information flow ever since the Deepwater Horizon rig blew up.  The primary concern of both BP and the White House has been to cover up the gravity of the pollution of vast parts of the Gulf of Mexico and beaches and wetlands in at least four US states.

At stake is not only the population’s right to know what is happening to the seas, shores and wildlife.
Those areas seem to have become private property of BP...independent assesment of the damge and study of it's effects is now par to impossible.

BP and its supplier Nalco, have even refused to reveal to scientists the chemical composition of Corexit, the dispersant that has been dumped by the hundreds of thousands of gallons into the Gulf to break up the oil, because, they say, it is a trade secret.
BP was even brazen enough to simply defy an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) order issued one month ago, to cease use of Corexit pending further testing.

Obama decided not to pursue the matter.

As we all know by now,  BP and Obama administration has been avidly stonewalling attempts by the private sector to assess how big the blowout was.
Insisting from the first that BP was “in charge” of the clean-up, the administration colluded with the oil giant to block independent analysis of the gusher one mile beneath the surface of the Gulf.
Only because of active and criticism from scientists; has the administration begrudgingly revised the rate of the oil erupting from the sea floor.

This spill is now, by all accounts, the largest in history...and the response to the oil disaster needs to be taken out of the hands of BP and the Obama administration.

The Gulf disaster requires a mass response of a Gulf States collective.  A banding together of the best scientists and engineers in the world; whose expertise lie in knowledge of wetlands, the area, and oil.  The coast guard should be told to step aside, BP to buck-up and sit down and allow them complete and unfettered access to all information related to the disaster.

Place them in charge and tell the burecrats to butt-out. 

(Anderson Cooper)



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